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The Patient's Role in Maintaining Periodontal Health

No matter how successful periodontal treatment has been, ultimately you are the most essential element in maintaining long-term periodontal health. 
To effectively maintain the health of your teeth and tissues for a lifetime, plaque must be effectively removed on a daily basis utilizing proper homecare techniques.  These techniques will be reviewed and, as necessary, improved upon during your dental hygiene maintenance cleaning appointments.  Regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning visits are essential to achieve long-term periodontal health and tissue stability.  Periodontal maintenance cleanings will most frequently be scheduled at three-month intervals, alternating with your Restorative Dentist.  More frequent visits will be recommended if areas of tissue instability are diagnosed during your maintenance cleaning appointment.
We believe alternating visits between our office and your dentist's are helpful in maintaining absolute periodontal health, because it is beneficial to have two sets of eyes always evaluating your gingival tissue stability. 

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