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Referring Doctors: Recommendations

We appreciate the confidence you place in us when you refer your patients.  Our goal is to achieve a seamless transition, so patients feel that our office is an extension of yours.  To help us accomplish this goal, we recommend reviewing this checklist when referring a patient to us.

The more information we have about the referral the better!  Please include tooth numbers and/or quadrants associated with your patient’s treatment needs.  Any discussion of your concern about your patient’s periodontal, implant, and/or orthodontic situation/needs would be helpful.  Also, please advise us of treatment you have provided and what you plan to do in the future so we can reinforce your recommendations and be consistent in our treatment planning.

Your patients should be advised that they will be seen first for an examination; we will not perform any treatment at the first visit (unless there is a dental emergency).  In that way, we can further reinforce your suggestions as well as to properly prepare your patients both in terms of the most ideal care necessary as well as to clarify finances.

Our referral form is available for download in electronic format.  Please complete it and send via email to Kim, our New Patient Coordinator.  (Download our Referral Form).  Please fill out the form completely so we know how best to care for your patient.

Current radiographs (within the last year) are essential to properly understand your patient’s treatment needs.  We recommend a FMX for comprehensive cases, with localized PA’s usually adequate for localized issues.  We will usually have a CT scan taken for implants after we have made further decisions with your patient.

If you mail the referral to us, you can mail the radiographs as well, and we will scan them into our patient’s electronic chart.  We welcome you to email your digital radiographs (jpeg please), since they can be easily imported into our software program.

We have found that the highest referral follow-through happens when patients are scheduled for their examination while in your office.  We understand how busy your office can get; if you call while your patient is there, we promise to quickly take care of your request.

For patients on alternating recalls between our offices, please make sure to forward copies of your radiographs so we don’t inconvenience your patients by taking additional films.  For BWX, vertical films are most helpful to allow us to evaluate their periodontal stability.

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