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A frenum is a band of tissue in the mouth that extends between the upper or lower lip and attaches at the gum tissue. In certain cases, the presence of a frenum may be unesthetic, or can interfere with achieving stability after orthodontic treatment. For example, after a patient’s two front teeth (the central incisors) have been brought together to close space between the teeth (a diastema), an excessive frenum can contribute to the teeth separating again.

In the area of the lower front teeth, the presence of a frenum can pull the gum away from the teeth and cause recession. If recession is present, often times a tissue graft (a mucogingival graft) is placed at the same time the frenum is removed.

Lingual frenectomy is the removal of the frenum, which attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If it is too “tight”, it will cause the patient to feel “tongue-tied”, and contribute to speech defects.

Labial frenectomy is the removal of the frenum between the lip and the upper or lower front teeth (central incisors).


After applying topical anesthetic (gel) to the tissues, local anesthetic is applied to the area. The frenum is released with an incision, and dissolvable sutures are placed. If a lower labial frenectomy is necessary and recession (or thin tissue) is present, a mucogingival tissue graft will be placed in conjunction with removal of the frenum.

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