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Improving the Stability of Dentures

Improving the Stability of Upper Dentures

Not infrequently, patients have an upper denture that is not stabile because the underlying tissue is not firmly bound down, or the location of the cheek attachments tend to dislodge the denture.  Recontouring the tissue under the denture to remove easily movable tissue or repositioning the cheek attachments can often markedly improve the stability of the upper denture.  In the presence of inadequate bone to support the denture, implants maybe the best solution to create patient comfort.

Procedure for Improving the Quality of the Tissue Under a Denture

After applying topical (gel) anesthetic to the tissues, local anesthetic is gently placed into the area.  The loose tissue supporting the denture is removed, and the remaining tissues are sutured to create  “tighter” tissue under the denture.  Where cheek attachments interfere with stability of the dentures, the area of attachment is removed, and the cheek repositioned and sutured into its new position.  Occasionally, a tissue graft is placed to create a more stabile zone of tissue to support the denture. 

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