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Osseous Surgery – Pocket Elimination

The primary cause of periodontal disease is plaque, a constantly forming collection of bacteria in a sticky, colorless substrate. In healthy gum areas, the bone and gum tissues firmly surround the tooth root and stabilize it. When teeth are affected by periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone is destroyed, forming pockets (deep spaces below the gum tissues).

Over time, these pockets will become deeper, providing even greater spaces for plaque to accumulate undisturbed, and for the bacteria within the plaque to multiply. This results in further bone and tissue loss. Eventually, so much bone may be lost that teeth need to be removed.

If pockets are present, pocket elimination procedures will be recommended. The increased spaces resulting from pocket formation are too deep to clean with daily at-home oral hygiene efforts, including the use of irrigation devices using water or chemicals, or even professional cleanings. Treated areas where pockets have been eliminated become cleanable with daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care, and long-term health and tissue stability is possible. Based on Dr. Kobernick's experience, osseous surgery is the most effective technique to eliminate pockets and achieve predictable long-term health.


Topical (gel) anesthetic is applied, and local anesthetic is gently placed into the area. The gum tissue (gingiva) is moved away from the underlying bone, allowing small diamond rotary instruments to reshape the areas of bone loss. If severe bone loss is present, a bone graft may be placed in the affected area if predictable, successful results are anticipated. The gingiva is repositioned close to the level of the newly shaped bone and sutured in place using dissolvable sutures. This technique allows the gum tissue to predictably heal without pockets.

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