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Ridge Augmentation Procedures

Ridge deformities in previous extraction areas of the upper and lower jaw can create areas with inadequate bone and tissue thickness for placement of either an esthetic, functional bridge or dental implant restorations. The defects may have been caused by trauma, developmental defects, periodontal disease, severe osseous (bone) loss from a previous extraction or dental infection, or having worn partial or complete dentures.

Ridge augmentation procedures have been shown to greatly enhance the cleansability and appearance of non-implant restorations. They provide the opportunity to develop a site where implants can be successfully placed without compromising long-term successful stability or esthetics. Untreated ridge defects often times have inadequate dimension for implant placement.


Topical (gel) anesthetic is applied, and local anesthetic is gently placed into the area. Soft tissue ridge augmentation is performed in non-implant sites to enhance the cleansability and esthetics of the final restoration. During this procedure, an incision is made to expose the recipient site. A soft tissue graft is then obtained either from a suitable site in your mouth and/or a soft tissue substitute and inserted into the area. The tissue graft is secured with dissolvable sutures.

Hard tissue ridge augmentation is performed to recreate adequate bone dimensions prior to dental implant placement. The hard tissue augmentation is sometimes completed in combination with a soft tissue augmentation to simultaneously enhance the soft tissue profile of the deficient site.

After the incision is made and the gum lifted away, the bony defect is exposed. A block bone graft from another site within the mouth, or cadaver bone particles covered by a membrane and positioned using titanium screws, is placed to restore ridge dimension. Depending on defect size, an average bony healing and maturation time of approximately six months is allowed before dental implants are placed.



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